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A Strong, Intelligent and Proactive Service is our Passion

The k Marketing Way



  • We pursue Excellence by Executing Extraordinary Marketing Strategies and Tactics to save you Time and Money while you focus on your business, your passion and what you do best


  • A Friendly, Agile, Proactive and Dependable Service is what motivates us.

What We Do

A Great Brand

Branding or Rebranding.


A Great Environment for a Brand

Web Services

A Great Visibility for a Band

Marketing Services

Our  Guarantee

K Marketing +  will work for free if in 89 days we can not position the main keywords of your business on the first page of the main search engines..

Some Benefits

On Demand Services

Welcome to our one-stop shop, select what you need and when you need it.

Targeting your IDEAL buyers

Reaching your ideal clients, with what they are need and are searching.

Budget Maximization For Paid Campaigns

Optimizing  campaigns and Improving ROI.

Data-driven growth

Our focus is consistent Growth.

Collaborative Transparency

Get reports in a timely manner.

Your BRAND ahead your competitors

Cuting-Edge   Strategies for positioning your brand as something UNIQUE.

Customer’s Reviews

“k Marketing +  has re-designed Crating Express, and with only the basic Marketing of them, our website now has visits constantly and our sales have improved 15% in less than 3 months, thanks Walter …”, … Frank D. From Crating Express Miami Florida.

“Thank you Marc, your Branding Service is Great, Now I am happy with my Practice” … Everton Williams Lauderhill Lakes, Florida.

“Thanks, k Marketing +, Walter has done a great job redesigning our website in English and Spanish, we will continue working with you in our next Social Media campaigns …” Leah SANDOVAL, Orison Hostels Group, Florida – Managua – Nicaragua.